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Welcome to Harmony HealthSpan, a Longevity and Hormone Health clinic.

We offer professional, personalized health care, which focuses on; identifying hormone imbalances and sub-optimal hormone levels in women and men, improving sexual health, balancing the immune system, and enhancing athletic performance while also offering a holistic medical weight loss program that goes deeper to address the physical and psychological causes of weight gain. 

Harmony: "a congruity of parts with one another and the whole."  To live your best life and be harmonious, to be full of energy and confidence, and live in a way that supports health.

I have always been active and in good shape running 6-7 days a week and working out at the gym 5-6 days a week.  I met Mindy at the gym and then heard about her from some friends who told me to go see her for a physical and get my testosterone levels checked. I had them checked before and was told it was in the low-normal range. I decided to go see Mindy because I trusted my friends. Mindy listened to me and counseled me on my testosterone levels. Mindy is a kind person who can explains things so they make sense. I decided to get testosterone pellets and have not regretted it one day since. I am 63 and I believe I am younger now than I was before my first treatment. Mindy guided me to a better life, more energy, and more other things. I highly recommend Mindy as your wellness provider. I am certain she can make a positive difference in anyone's life.

-Dwayne W.


When I first went to see Mindy, I was having reproductive issues. She diagnosed me with PCOS and Hashimoto's. After starting on a medication regimen I was able to get pregnant with my baby girl. It took time and many adjustments but I owe my ability to get pregnant all to her! She took the time to make sure I was right on track! Thank you Mindy!

-Tarah N.

After years of sharing my concerns with my regular GYN; weight issues, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, irritability, sluggishness and downright crankiness- with the only response being, "that's  just all apart of getting older". I finally took the advice of my husband and reached out to Dr. Mindy LeRoy- it was life changing y'all-- literally life changing! Dr. LeRoy listened to my concerns, ran the appropriate blood panels and addressed the causes with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. My energy is back, my mood is up, I sleep soundly, NO more night sweats or hot flashes and I can think clearly again. My only regret is suffering through the symptoms for years and not calling sooner. 

-Stephanie B.


(T) 208-295-4417     

(F) 1-866-455-1021

4401 N Eagle Rd. Suite 102

Boise, ID 83713

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